If a picture is worth a thousand words, how valuable is a video?  

Moving pictures move people even more, and video is now literally at our fingertips or only a few clicks away. Don't wait for your clients to search for your video, or even worse, only offer an outdated and aged video that does more damage than no video at all. Our in-house production team can turn around projects in lightening speed, and depending on the project, bring in additional professionals.

Video is less expensive than you think, email me today for a quote and phone call within 24 hours.


Skinny Pancake Productions and Vermont Public Television and a few super talented filmmakers and producers teamed up to produce a six-part series that highlights the Vermont food web. I was fortunate enough to work with these fine folks for a few days collecting B-Roll. Thanks again for the listed credit Cyr!

Our grandparents' generation knew where their food came from but, today, food is much more readily available and commonly delivered through a vast, global industrialized system. Seasonality is less a factor in our daily diets, and doesn?t always affect availability or affordability. While this miracle of industrialization allows for a more diversified diet and a great deal of cheap food, one cost of these innovations has been the connection between consumers and the people who produce their food. The Local Motive is an opportunity to change that.

FARRELL DISTRIBUTING is the largest beverage distribution company in the state of Vermont. During the busy holiday season, the leadership made a genius PR move by proactively contracting Gobolinx principal, Eli Harrington, to make a video to communicate their progress to their stakeholders and supporters.  In addition to the narrative, time was of the essence, and producing a finished high-quality video(s) had to be done ASAP.  Within one week, the video below was shot, edited, revised, and distributed to the Farrell team.


LITTLE BAY CABINS is a gorgeous cottage and villa style seaside resort located on three private beautifully landscaped acres nestled in the heart of Little Bay, Jamaica. The property is rustic by design and has often been described as "Eden by the Sea" by locals and visitors alike--an environment and ecosystem so beautiful that Bob Marley himself built a seaside villa on the point of Little Bay, only a ten minute walk from the property.  Email littlebaycabinsmedia@gmail.com for a special Gobolinx rate. VIEW SPECIAL LITTLE BAY CABINS GROUP-ON DEAL ONLINE HERE


VERMONTIJUANA is a podcast and website that takes a deeper look at cannabis current events, community, and culture in Vermont and the nearby region.  Originally conceptualized as a documentary, some Vermontijuana footage has been packaged into smaller segments, including the introduction video below.

BERNIECANN & Pinealé Designs- Eli Harrington worked with Drew Burns of Pinealé Designs to create the #BERNIECANN design and logo. The campaign's IP lawyer sent a form letter based on the use of the font in the logo, which they suggested might cause confusion. We disagreed, but as the shirt was meant to support Bernie, we decided not to fight it, but rather, to draw attention to the greater cause.

Pinealé Designs is no longer actively selling Bernie tee shirts as a result of the owner changing careers and we are not presently working with them directly.  We are, however,  in negotiations to bring back the "Bern Down Babylon" shirt and make that design available on the Vermontijuana web store.

VERMONT COALITION TO REGULATE MARIJUANA - As a volunteer producer, Eli Harrington worked with the Marijuana Policy Project communications team to assist with the production of their 60 second commercial. Not directly involved in the writing or editing of the piece, our contribution was coordinating production of locations and on-camera speakers in the Burlington area. Fixing services are always available and we'll even show up and hold the lighting or sound equipment.